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At Beli Sharma & Company,
we continuously aim at perfect unification of professionalism with high standards of services and adherence to our values and our mission, of adding value to every responsibility endowed upon us. Page 3 of 6 The Firm is a leading service provider in Direct Tax Consultancy, Indirect Tax Consultancy, NRI Services, Bank Audit, Internal & Management Audit, Stock Audit , Concurrent Audit Tax reporting and Secretarial Services.

Direct Tax Services
Effective tax planning is integral to business strategy. We at Beli Sharma & Company, not only work with clients in formulating tax strategies, but also have the experience to help in its implementation effectively and speedily. We continually strive to look beyond the obvious and challenge traditional thought to craft novel tax solutions. We are focused on putting ideas to work for the clients.

Indirect Tax Services
Services of Indirect Taxation like Sales Tax, Excise Duties, Value Added Tax seems easy but requires in depth understanding and knowledge. We provide dependable financial advice on all these aspects and also help our clients in tax planning. As indirect tax consultants, our indirect tax services are as follows : -

  • Sales Tax
    • We advice on the applicability and levy of Central tax and State Sales tax laws or Works Contract tax.
    • We provide assistance in the structuring of transactions and agreements in relation to inter-state and intra-state sales in order to make the tax incidences to the minimum.
    • We conduct comprehensive Sales tax health-checks and also studies to ensure that the appropriate advice is given in setting up warehousing locations to minimize Sales tax incidence.
  • Service Tax
    • We provide advisory services with regard to applicability of the tax and procedural compliance like registration, assessments etc.
    • We help to review contracts and agreements to help mitigate the overall incidence of service tax.
    • We help in conducting Service tax health checks to determine the service tax implications on client operations, gauge compliance with legal provisions and also suggest tax planning opportunities to our clients.
  • VAT
    • We provide expert advice on a wide range of issues related to VAT implications on cross-border transactions.
    • We assist in claiming VAT input credits.
    • We suggest on the perfect strategy to minimize the global VAT incidence.

Due Diligence, Internal & Management Audits
The main objective of Due Diligence, Internal & Management Audits is that it functions as a service to management by providing independent, management oriented advice on an organization’s operations and performance and financial services. It aims at the promotion of efficiency, economy and effectiveness of the management processes, and also the reliability and accuracy of operations..

Tax Audits
A tax audit, also known as tax enquiry, is an examination of one's tax affairs to check whether they have done what they are required to under the tax laws like declared all the assessable income or are entitled to the deductions and tax offsets they have claimed on their tax return. Our taxation advisory team is highly knowledgeable and well conversant with the tax laws.

Bank Audit
We are also an expert in the banking sector. We serve banks with their annual audits, concurrent audits, stock audits and audits of their branches.

Secretarial Services
The Secretarial Compliance practice offers to our clients a full range of services, which involve all compliance issues under the Companies Act, 1956, filing of e-returns with Registrar of Companies, assistance in getting DIN, CIN etc.

Outsource Accounting Services
In today’s challenging business environment, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing their requirements for accounting services to expert vendors. An outsourcing partner like Beli Sharma & Company can deliver superior results while minimizing costs at the same time. Adopting this strategy can also help you focus on strengthening strategic areas. Beli Sharma & Company offers a wide range of accounting services to suit diverse customer needs, which are given below :

  • Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services - The Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services provide you with the advantages of cutting edge technology and skilled staff without having to invest in these or buying and maintaining expensive software. We provide industry best practices to reduced discrepancies and greater financial control which finally translates into enhanced profitability.
  • Account Reconciliation Services - The business activity in most organizations today is multilayered and complex. However, despite sophisticated accounting systems in use to cater to these needs, account reconciliation continues to be that one indispensable step to ensure that all the figures add up right.
  • Outsourcing Financial Statements Preparation - Most companies struggle at the time of audit and tax preparation due to a lack of clarity and accuracy in their financial reports, we have a team of qualified professional accountants who will provide you with services such as :
    • Preparing financial statements
    • Preparing balance sheets
    • Preparing income statements
    • Financial report analysis
  • We have devised processes in preparing the most accurate statements and reports for you.